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    Drug Research agreement with Amarin Corporation
    17/5/02 10:19:23 AM


    HOMEX - Melbourne

    Eiffel Technologies Ltd (EIF: ASX) has announced its third
    international drug delivery alliance within six months. In a
    strategic research partnership with Amarin Development AB, a
    subsidiary of specialty pharmaceutical group, Amarin Corporation plc
    (NASDAQ: AMRN), Eiffel will combine its Supercritical Fluid(SCF)
    bioengineering technology with Amarin's patented controlled-release
    delivery system.

    The initial phase of the collaboration, where each party will be
    responsible for individual costs, will involve applying Eiffel's SCF
    technology to the production of sub-micron sized drug particles of a
    currently undisclosed drug substance that has poor solubility. Those
    drug particles will then be incorporated into Amarin's Diffusion
    Controlled Vesicle (DCV) controlled-release technology.

    The new combination technology could potentially improve the
    extended-release of drugs that are difficult to deliver orally
    because of their low absorption into the blood stream. The new
    combination technology could be applied to new compounds or drugs
    currently on the market but not available in extended-release
    formulations due to dissolution issues that negatively impact
    bioavailability. If successful, the collaboration may lead to an
    expanded development alliance between the two groups.

    The partnership not only confirms the growing interest in SCF
    technology within the pharmaceutical industry but is also an
    important strategic alliance for Eiffel. Amarin Corporation,
    headquartered in London, is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical
    company focused in neurology and pain management with an established
    US neurology sales and marketing operation. Amarin Development is the
    product development division based in Sweden with products on the
    market distributed by pharmaceutical companies including
    Sanofi-Synthelabo, Pharmacia and Tanabe Seiyaku.

    The collaboration is also an important move for the company into the
    reformulation of oral pharmaceutical products, which dominates the
    drug delivery market, worth US$39 billion in 2000. Previous
    collaborations entered into focused on the development of inhaled
    pharmaceuticals to replace the injection of existing drugs.

    SCF technology allows the reformulation of drugs to improve drug
    efficacy and improve patient compliance through a more patient
    friendly delivery means. Smaller particle size and a more controlled,
    narrow particle size distribution can be achieved using SCF
    techniques resulting in increased absorption profiles, reduce dosage
    and decreased medication side effects.

    "Amarin is committed to enhancing the value of our technology
    platforms through innovative research partnerships and
    collaborations," said Rick Stewart, chief executive officer of Amarin
    Corporation. "This new, combination technology has the potential to
    both improve the quality of controlled release drugs on the market,
    as well as broaden the range of drag molecules that can be
    effectively delivered orally. Most importantly, we believe that this
    combination could provide significant value to our patients and
    customers, as well as helping to advance our internal drug
    development efforts in the key areas of neurology and pain

    Under the terms of the agreement, Eiffel Technologies will retain the
    intellectual property that relates to the process and methodology of
    its SCF technology. To date, Eiffel has filed four patents covering
    its SCF technology. Three are provisional patent applications and one
    is an international patent filing via PCT, with an additional filing
    in the US.

    Amarin's DCV system is used for the controlled release of substances
    for periods up to 24 hours. The patented technologyconsists of a
    tablet core incorporating the active ingredient surrounded by a
    water-insoluble membrane containing minute particles of water-soluble
    material. The soluble particles dissolve when the tablet is ingested,
    resulting in a macro-porous film structure through which drug is
    released at a steady rate. More than 3 billion tablets have been
    manufactured and used effectively by patients in more than 30

    Eiffel has the full suite of the SCF techniques (see the Company
    website www.eiffeltechnologies.com.au for details). It can tailor
    make a formulation solution depending on the unique characteristics
    of a particular drug by improving oral, inhaled or injected
    pharmaceuticals. Eiffel can value add to all segments of the
    pharmaceutical and biotech market, from re-engineering branded or
    generic pharmaceuticals, or to solving absorption and delivery needs
    of new chemical entities.

    Eiffel Technologies Ltd, is a bioengineering company focused on
    improving the performance and delivery of pharmaceuticals, proteins
    and peptides. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company is dedicated
    to the development and commercialization of SCF drug technologies to
    improve therapeutic outcomes and patient administration of new and
    currently marketed pharmaceuticals. Eiffel Technologies Ltd also has
    alliances with Sheffield Pharmaceuticals Inc and BattellePharma Inc,
    both based in the US,

    Amarin Corporation plc is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused
    on neurology and pain management. The company plans to become a
    leader in these therapeutic categories by providing innovative
    products and solutions that address significant unmet medical needs.
    For press release and other Company information, visit their website
    at http://www.amarincorp.com. Amarin Development AB, based in
    Malmo Sweden, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amarin Corporation. It
    is dedicated to the research and development of advanced controlled
    release and site-specific technology solutions to create improved
    outcome formulations of both new and existing drugs.


    Rick Stewart
    Chief Executive Officer
    Amarin Corporation plc
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7907 2440
    [email protected]

    Christine Cussen
    Chief Executive Officer
    Eiffel Technologies Limited
    Phone: +61 3 9629 8022
    [email protected]

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