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DullThat analysis is pretty poor if your ability to analyse...

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    That analysis is pretty poor if your ability to analyse financial statements is on par with your environmental knowledge I think we’ll all be relieved (are you from NOAH?).

    The 204m that you discuss didn’t end up in funds going into the company and so has not been spent, sure shareholders have ‘paid’ for it through dilution but thats not money that’s actually left the company. Whilst any interest earned may have been spent it’s also irrelevant for this analysis

    Based on on your post the facts are the company has raised 259m, it currently has a market cap of 143m which you could say implies a loss of shareholder value of 116m which is well off your 470m. Whilst this is not ideal on the face of it it’s just at a point in time and is exactly how almost all junior miners work, if you’ve never seen it before you’ve obviously never seen a miner before.

    From here the ML may never been achieved and all of the 259 will have been burned on the other hand it may be achieved in which case the 143 should become a much bigger number (unless your conspiracy theory nonsense about shenge is true. Which isn’t
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