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    Good to finally put faces to some of the names that post here.

    Hajda2 and Spovends posts are very good summaries of all that was discussed. Not much more I could really add.

    Overall I felt the meeting was very positive and well presented. The directors have a clear plan of action and i think starting with the formalisation of the JV everything should fall into place. The oil potential is much greater than I had first realised. And Canmex are keen to get a drill rig into play ASAP.

    Each resolution and the reason for them was well discussed.

    The only negative I could see assuming of course the JV is a done deal are timing issues - everything takes a lot longer than hoped for . The AIM lising may happen pre Christmas but more likely late January and the first drilling anicipated 2nd or 3rd quarter. Based on these anticipated times anything sooner will be a bonus.
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