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egm draft currently being emailed out

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    Hi All,

    Since Raks can't use the queens english and has been sent to the sin bin like a naughty poodle I'm posting this on Raks' behalf...


    First EGM draft currently being emailed out.

    Sunday midday (16th November) Qld time, first draft emails of resolutions etc are going out.
    It will take an hour perhaps to make sure I've covered everyone my list.

    We anticipate final copies around in the next few days.

    So this is a DRAFT and a chance for all to have some last minute input.

    IF you HAVEN'T received a copy by late afternoon, please email. Quite a few of the contacts are from PMs on various forums so you may not be on the mailing list.

    It is much easier for me to email the data.

    Send to [email protected] to make sure your details are on my list.

    Thanks all......
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