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    Correct. It's always the teacher's fault. This is because both parents work, feel guilty when they find out their child is uncooperative in class, has submitted zero homework for the term, and then they blame the teacher.

    I was told it was my fault as I didn't permit their son to go and fetch his homework from his locker. Luke never did homework. Luke never requested permission to go to his locked to get homework because he has never done it. Parent - stares in disbelief and hatred of teacher.

    Kid throws book at teacher's desk. Warned next time there will be detention. Next time happened. Detention given and parent wrote note asking child to read from it in my class. It read, that no permission for detention was granted given the teacher can't control the class. Really? I can't control the arm of a child who, on leaving at the end of the lesson, can't be bothered walking to front of room to desposit book into box but, instead, throws the book. Library has constant need to repair the books with broken bindings and teacher then no longer has a complete class set of books.

    Thus is teachers' experience in the public state school system. No support from parents, poor discipline at home and utterly indulgent parents who don't give a about education. Only money.

    Yet there are posters here who want to blame teachers. Teachers who cannot touch a child, cannot give detention without parental permission, parents who over indulge their precious children, and kids who never do anything but chat in class and fail to submit any work from home.
    Oh, and destroy chairs, books, and table tops.....
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