"....the law also states equal force...."That wouldn't apply to...

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    "....the law also states equal force...."

    That wouldn't apply to retaliation, there is no law that makes it okay to retaliate.

    "....Fraser Anning responded with an open hand slap...."

    It wasn't a slap, it was two slaps, which is what changes Anning's actions from reaction to retaliation.

    "....not of equal force because the young man had an object in his hand....."

    It was an egg delivered with an open hand from a kid to a large man, the response was two bare handed slaps to the face of a kid from a large man.

    The kids actions were wrong, Anning's action's were wrong, and the actions of those that tackled the kid were wrong, none of them were legally justifiable actions.

    There is a huge difference between defending yourself and retaliation, one has protection under the law, the other has no protection under the law.

    Do you believe Anning was defending himself, or do you believe he was retaliating?

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