Egg Boy Assaulted

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    A man who allegedly assaulted Will Connolly, the Melbourne teenager dubbed "Egg Boy" after he smashed an egg on the head of Senator Fraser Anning, is being sought by police.

    Detectives are now appealing for public assistance to identify a man who allegedly kicked Mr Connolly while he was on the ground.

    A police spokesman said officers were monitoring the rally on Roberna Street when the altercation took place.

    "An egg was broken on the 69-year-old man’s head by the 17-year-old boy when a scuffle took place and the teenager was taken to the ground by bystanders," a spokeswoman said.

    "While the 17-year-old boy was being held on the ground, another male has approached and kicked him in the body a number of times."

    A picture of a man who police believe may be able to assist with their enquiries has been released.

    Police also confirmed both Mr Connolly and Senator Anning were both interviewed and the investigation about the egging remains ongoing.
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