EEL +26% today and +48% yesterday

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    Going for a good run today again with good depth, and its about time.. That 100,000 i bought at 16c the other Monday had me worried... fewwwwwww

    Dont forget EEL holders.. for every 2 Ordinary shares you owned as of the record date 29/05/02 you now have 1 EELR which is the 20c renounceable rights issue. This can now be traded on market.. Ask your broker to organise it for you! The code is EELR

    Envirostar's "Green Waste to Energy" Power Plant is due to be commissioned in about 3 weeks..

    Dont forget to take profit on this one, buy the lows and sell the highs as its a Slippery little eel..
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