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    there were several reasons for its fall from grace,

    The liquidation of the financial options group being the main one, a manangement issue which was un-nerving for some shareholders, the possibility that EEL would not secure finance for the Gold Coast and Morwell Plants. etc etc.

    Since then the Company has;

    * Removed undesireable management

    * Established a relationship with ANZ Infrastructure

    * Signed up for a $7 million Equity Line of Credit

    * Envirostar Registed wih "ORER". Envirostar Energy is now registered on the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Registry of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) in Canberra. see

    * EEL Envirostar featured in a 10 minute interview on CNBC on the Australian Business Centre program with Mark Laudi and Amanda Drewry

    A major media campaign is also expected during the launch of the Gold Coast Power Plant with Turbine installation due within 14 days.

    Hope some of this helps and demonstrates why I am so keen on this company. EEL is also considered an ETHICAL INVESTMENT as it enviromentally friendly/ socially responsible in its nature.


    Key Annoouncement headers below>

    15 Apr 2002 10:54 EEL Signs up for $7 million Equity Line of Credit

    11 Apr 2002 16:52 EEL Withdrawal from Heads of Agreement with TVS

    26 Mar 2002 14:23 EEL Registers with ORER

    15 Mar 2002 17:10 EEL Half Yearly Report & ASIC

    14 Mar 2002 10:56 EEL Current Activities: Renewable Green Waste to Energy Project

    26 Feb 2002 16:00 EEL Final Director`s Interest Notice

    25 Feb 2002 16:54 EEL Director Resignation

    20 Feb 2002 12:43 EEL Progress Report - 5 MW Stapylton Green Energy Power Project

    18 Feb 2002 16:15 EEL Requisition by shareholders re: Removal of a Director

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