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    Mobile phone radiation 'helps children think'

    RADIATION from mobile phones could help children to think more clearly, it was claimed yesterday.

    David Butler, chief executive of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, said he did not believe handsets posed a risk to children by heating up their brains. "From a perspective of pupil performance, it can enhance things, because that heating effect actually improves the neuron transfers between neural pathways, and therefore your thinking ability goes up," he said.

    Mr Butler, whose organisation covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland, was speaking at a fringe event hosted by the mobile phone giant O2 at the Liberal Democrats’ party conference in Bournemouth.

    His claims fly in the face of government advice, which warns that youngsters should strictly limit their mobile phone use. Many experts fear children are particularly vulnerable to low-level radiation emission from phones and believe they should only use the handsets in emergencies.

    Mr Butler said he had been told by a British professor of scientific evidence to back up his claims, but he declined to identify him or her.

    He admitted the information was "anecdotal" but went on: "I personally have not seen any piece of paper that says to me there is a health risk which would give me concern."
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