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EdenCrete -Is that what it's all about-then lets discuss IT??

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    Hi all EDEers'

    Remember the great Eleanor Roosevelt and one of her best quotes:-

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
    Lets get back to EdenCrete

    Now where were we ... Oh yes, when can we expect:-

    - some news about the highway repairs in Georgia? New ones please
    - some results on the tests of the freeze road works testing E/crete
    - any results from the MARTA white paper ?--- did any (DoTs )-seek further advice from MARTA ?
    - did any sales person have the nous to use the paper to promote the product?
    - has any sales person from EDE boasted about the MARTA white paper results... I cannot understand why the EdenCrete sales people are not
    falling over them selves using this white paper as a sales tool ... For goodness sake what are they using ordinary concrete stories.
    - Hey??? and results of the permeability tests - astounding ............ yet have not seen 1 sale for this purpose 'Water penetration'???.

    Bl..dy hell WHAT'S GOING ON............................................

    Sack all the sales team and get some with 'balls' and a little knowledge about concrete Please excuse the profanity.!!!

    I am getting frustrated with this sales team. How about teaching them, firstly to sell ice to the Eskimos !!! Then esculate to selling a concrete etc ... and bl..dy management. Wank..s comes to mind ??????????

    Sorry guys but how many more tests .. how much more verbals.. how much more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to get some results Hello management, where are you??

    Come on Come on - to quote Lleyton H

    Where are you Markyboy49 Have you gone underground also... Don't let minors worry you. Put em' on ignore ???????????????????

    A frustrated Phantom GWW
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