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    Reading Ed O'Laughlin's latest editorial ('Deal close on Gaza security handover' 23/6) the impression is that the blockage to peace is Israel. The elimination of the most senior Hamas operative in Hebron over the weekend, responsible for the deaths of at least 50 people (convenient miss for Ed) in a fire fight (sorry Ed but it's only Hamas who claim that the guy was minding his own business), is surely a sign that Israel is the aggressor.

    Gloss over the fact that the PA refuse to reign in terrorism. No mention that the PA media incitement continues. No mention of the 'work accident' that killed three Palestinians. Peaceful people assemble bomb belts and mortars, don't they?

    Ed couldn't even call Hamas a terrorist group. Heck even the Australian Government calls them terrorists! (Except for Trades Hall which hosts a 'Meet the Palestinian Militant' night each Tuesday.)

    Even more odd that while everyone is so critical of Israeli surgical strikes, not a word about similar US activities in Afghanistan or in Iraq. The Yanks don't even know if they got they man. They are bringing over the CSI team to determine if it was really Saddam!

    But then Israeli security is different.
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