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    Okay folks, it seems there are several who want to discuss some opportunities to improve the current situation that ECT is in following the discontinuation of activities with NMDC. It also seems there are several calls from HC posters (myself included of course) that repeating things relating to the past over and over again, gets us nowhere. We need to be conscious of the past and our learnings, but move forward and spend our energy on providing the best chances for this company to become a sustainable profit-generating company.

    This thread is to:
    • Throw out any ideas for how we can move forward
    • Suggest any potential solutions to our current challenges around advancing R&D in our products, bringing our products to market
    • Offering areas to cutting costs until we achieve above
    • Improving confidence in our company and management (regardless of who management is)
    • Any other constructive suggestions that will help this company
    • Allow people to bring up problems, but these problems must be associated with a realistic, credible solution (which should remain in scope)
    • Suggest who we might be able to approach, if management has not already
    • If any shareholders out there have contacts they would like to put management in touch with (but don't want to email directly to management for whatever reason)
    If you are new to posting here, or don't post often, your comments are most welcome. If you post all the time, your comments are welcome, but keep in mind above we are looking to move forward, and not focus on repeating things from the past

    This thread is not for discussions on:
    • Getting rid of management (there are already two threads on this "Time for change" and "Project Bond")
    • Providing suggestions on who replacements for management should be (there is already a thriving thread on this as per above, which I am eager to see the results from, but we don't need multiple threads on the same topic)
    • Discussion on whose role it is to come up with solutions (different people have different opinions on this, if you do not think it is your role, then don't contribute)

    I encourage all to keep on course with the TOUs, posting guidelines and all the other items to keep this constructive, and all to assist in moderating any of the usual crap that is out of scope (e.g. off-topic) from above:
    As always, look forward to some constructive discussion. See how this goes, or if the thread falls flat on its face
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