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    Well I attended the ECP agm yesterday at the Sheraton on the Park here in Sydney.

    Actually, Its only the second AGM i have ever attended and I was quite interested in seeing the board come out with ways of kicking along the share price.

    The problem was some wanker from "" attempted to take all the meetings time pushing issues and his own wagon. The git only had a proxy and no direct interest in the company. Most of his facts were wrong and it was OBVIOUS that someone had written the questions for the moron to ask.

    Also, an older bookish type member of the Australian shareholders association - again via proxy and NOT direct holding, attempted to put her pre prepared point of view to the board. - Not actually asking about future direction - just pushing their own crap.

    - buy some shares and then sprout your crap !

    Personally, I think Alison Dean's bonus of $175,000 is lite considering she negotiated a deal with Ebay inc which has seen $113,000,000 banked in PROFIT !
    ( Crikey had little to say on that - obvious little understanding )

    Ecorp's share price is under done. It needs revaluation of the individual business.

    I was however disappointed with the company not comming out with a buy back or clear direction in applying the over 200 million in cash to new acquisitions. Indeed, i would like to see either a capital
    return, or dilution of the Packer holdings.

    Interesting times ahead.


    Ps: You should have seen the look on James Pakers face when this cricky dork was " Attempting to Grill him" - Priceless. Utter contempt baby!!!

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