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eclectic reading .. effect of 1x20 megatons

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    A Single Nuclear Bomb On
    A City In India Or Pakistan
    From Ashok Sharma
    [email protected]

    Assessing the horror of a single Nuclear Blast on a city in India or Pakistan..
    We have the option to imagine the city of our choice
    Karachi, Delhi, Islamabad, Mumbai OR Hyderabad....
    Imagine a hundred lightenings, blazing in the sky together and simultaneously hitting a few sq km area of a crowded city like Karachi, Delhi, Islamabad, Mumbai or Hyderabad. A fireball, as hot as and many times brighter than the brightest sun, extending to several miles in seconds, will suck up the vapour to rise in a huge column of fire in shape of mushroom at the top for many miles up in the sky. The entire area will be sucked up in vapours instantly as maximum heat emission occuring within 4 seconds of detonation releasing half of heat within ten seconds. Fireball will be rising, scorching and vaporizing entire area extending to several miles. A bluish-white light flashing in the sky, like man made sun will emit ultra-violet, visible, and infra-red radiation (writes Stonier in nuclear disaster).
    A small 20 megaton explosion would cause the clothings of a person standing 30 km away to burst into flames and will spread to 70 kms within 10 seconds. A huge pressure-wave many times faster than sound, will spread from the centre of explosion.Immediately behind this shock will come wind gushing at speed of thousand miles per hour. As it will move outward it will create a vaccume,surrounding air now will rush in fanning many fires through heat radiationand the blast. These fires will cover a radius of 70 km immediately and would form massfires and with combustible material being abundantly available in cities,would become feirce firestorms and conflagrations. These waves bouncing back andforth between earth and atmosphere will shatter window panes upto 200 kmaway. In an area of 35 km radius serious firestorms will run wildly causing total casualitiesand destruct everything to ashes.Now this has happened in first 3 minutes.Let us see now what will happen next 30 minutes.
    Within half an hour a total disorder will spread beyond the outer fringes ofthe city limits in Karachi, Delhi, Islamabad, Mumbai or Hyderabad and city having been destroyed and everything charred beyond recognition.All activity paralyzed, millions dead with no survivors in 35 km radius. What will happen to those burnt and seriously injured, running in panic or crawling with agony, writhing and crying in unbearable pain,utter chaos spread all round with all hospitals destroyed and large number of nurses and doctors dead or seriously injured. Trees in even far areas will burn completely and their branches, burning with flames will become shooting arrows darting here and there from the pressure wave. Glass panes broken and flying with speed in a city with millions already dead and those breathing shall face the nasty hits of flying objects with great speed. City temprature several hundred centigrades will make water boiling in tanks, ponds, rivers or swimming pools.Those who would try to beat the unbearable heat by jumping in any water body around shall be boiled like the scambled egg. No words can describe the terror and the agony of the inferno that shall be witnessed after one such attack on the crowded city with the massive warheads that have already been planted. In seconds the city will be on fire and street become impassable with flames. Heat will increase rapidly and become typhoon that will move in the direction of the fire and soon several hundred typhoons will spread in the city in all directions.
    Inside houses, hardly anyone will get time to realize the seriousness of the situation andunable to breath they will lie on ground or limp and crawl to see face-down dead boadiesin thousand everywhere in streets,parks, parking areas, like garbage dumps. Transportation and communication services will be first to get disorganized. Administrative machinery is already in disorder and chaos. Survivors would be, if any, without their outer skins or badly burnt and peeled off like banana, wait for the death that will not come easily. Suffering from exposure, injuries,malnutrition and radiation piosoning will become seeds of epidemics. Water supplies polluted and with no disinfectants, insecticides, vaccines and absence of physicians, scarcity of food and other essentials will create lawlessness to its limits causing heavy toll amongst survivors. Within one hours of a single 20 megaton attack on Karachi, Delhi, Islamabad, Mumbai OR Hyderabad millions would be dead and more than 5 million will be crippled with serious third degree burns and injuries in the metropolitan area. Who will treat this huge rush and where will be doctors and facilities to treat them. For days they will lie in pain, rich and poor together on road on besides walls of hospitals not able to move a finger to fly the maggots and flies and vermin appearing over their bodies. Black swarms of flies will appear like black mounds over the bodies of the injured. With filth all around them they will wait their agonizing end. This is beyond our power to imagine what havoc this one attack will cause.
    My dear friend, do you not think that Vajpayee and Musharraf, still would be able to save most of their nuclear stuff for future wars.... Communities in India and Pakistan must put pressure on their respective governments to pave the way to peace. It would be easier to form a network of Parliamentarians, Supreme Court Lawyers and respected religious heads who are pro peace and development. They, together with the public support, peace activists and NGOs could involve the highest court to intervene in the demonic plans of the leaders, who are sucking on public money by amassing mass killing devices and subjecting tens of millions of their people to a miserable fate year after year !
    Ashok Sharma
    Peace Worker
    World Peace & Nuclear Disarmament
    New Delhi 110022 India
    [email protected]

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