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    Late this month eBet reports its fourth quarter (and full 2001/02 financial year) earnings. On the back of this, I predict that in early August, its shareprice will be at least 20% higher than currently. Anyone care to disagree with me here? So for those folk canny enough to recognise this, investment into eBet at the moment is a great investment. Who doesn't like to experience a 30 day, 20 per cent return on their monies, after all?

    In the meantime, another (unrelated) matter has caught my attention. Gareth Evans ("Biggles" to his friends) confessed last night to a secret affair with Cheryl Kernot – and admitted that he lied to Federal Parliament.

    "I deeply regret all the hurt that my actions have caused, above all to my own family."
    he said. "It was precisely to try to avoid that, and protect my marriage, that I said what I did in Parliament. No larger public interest was involved." Really? How noble of you, Gareth.

    In 1998, Mr Evans angrily denied in Parliament a Liberal MP's suggestion of an affair with Ms Kernot as "totally baseless, beneath contempt and a disgraceful abuse of parliamentary privilege".

    But last night he acknowledged the lie – and his five-year affair – in a brief statement.

    The problem is of course, what sort of precedent does this set? Evans held the position of Attorney-General, the highest & ostensibly most respected legal position in the land. People have a right to be outraged by this gratuitous, self-serving behaviour. We may fulminate at corporate executives who lie through their teeth to protect their wallets - arguably though, this isn't as bad as elected judicial officers & ministers of the Crown lying to protect their reputations.

    In the meantime, Ms Kernot is unlikely to follow Gareth Evans' lead and make a public statement about their five-year affair, her book publisher has said. She was holding up well following revelations on the political romance.

    "She's very sad...."
    has been the general comment on her current feelings.

    My, my. Poor little Ms Snookums is feeling a little under the weather is she? Because she's been caught red-handed in a squalid affair with a married former Deputy Prime Minister, a man who deceived parliament - and the Australian people - to conceal his shabby behaviour. Disgusting stuff, given the so called integrity & high public standing of these people.

    To both Gareth & Cheryl I say - try to keep your pants on in future, you paragons of ill virtue.

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