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ebr and the media - warning

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    What happened with EBR and the weekend news articles should be a warning to anyone starting out in the share market.

    Treat all media reports with caution unless you can obtain backup comfirmation.

    The EBR article does appear to be very suspect and may very well be an attempt by someone to manipulate the market but the media will more often than not get the facts wrong and this will prove very costly if it is your only area of information.

    All you have to do is listen to the market summaries on the evening news and the garbage reasons they give for the market or a stock moving in the direction it did during the day. I remeber watching the news on the Sat-Day after the 4th July holiday in the US, the news report not only stated how much the US market had moved on the Friday night but even gave reasons for the movement, not bad considering all this happened with a closed market.

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