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Ebet's cashflows to be positive from now on

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    Betman said:

    "....I may be sorry that I sold my EBT shares and it might be time to buy back in...."

    I agree with you that eBet's prospects are looking better than ever. It's only this very tough market that we're currently enmeshed in that's holding its shareprice back, in my view. Historical records show that on average, September is the worst month of the year on the markets, with October being the second worst.

    You also mused with respect to the recent deal "....I have done some sums and if EBET can get 1/10 of that turnover then EBET would make $10,500,000 per year...."

    These are interesting figures. If nothing else, they demonstrate the demonstrable viability now of eBet compared to many other tech companies. Ebet's recent yahoo & sportsacumen deals should add millions to its bottom line. Particularly the Yahoo deal where it receives a generous 3% from every sports bet placed through Yahoo, which as we all know, is one of the most popular sites on the web, receiving tens of millions of hits every month onto it.

    My question though is, out of curiosity - has anyone else any ideas or projections on the revenues to be gained by eBet from both the & the deals once they've been bedded down & operating for a full financial year? Forgetting for the moment, all its other activities such as the Playboy gaming deal; its cashless gaming sales & cashless gaming maintenance/servicing contracts; etc.

    In short, its wonderful to see that eBet has finally moved from the bleeding edge to the leading edge in its field. Cashflows will only be positive from now on in an ever accelerating fashion. More importantly, it'll certainly be sweet seeing eBet's critics having to eat copious crow, once EBT's healthy 2002/03 financials are released next year.

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