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    With a spec stock there are always risks---otherwise it wouldn't be a spec stock---the thing would be 20 dollars a share not 20c per share---its new its vibrant its exciting----first mover advantage is everything----CAT were no guarantee to get Visa--it was selected out of 7 others----anyone of the other 7 could have got it----in the end CAT got it-----but up untill then anyone who bought CAT had a 1 out of 7 chance of missing out on Visa---I took the risk--->>>>>>>>>and was right, further with Ebet, it is quite true there is a distribution---well Ive given on the thread some retracements---it's not going back to 13 in my book--Ive given a figure of 16.8- (just mental mind games---a "a mental mind "-----" can be nice Janet Weiss--ay Jolly?"the trend is accumulate---not too exciting for a daytrader at Hotcopper----the thing is though---there aren't too many speculative investments you can find that are so promising and have the growth with a view to the future.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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