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    Yes those ticket popping machines are a real pest. When you have an EBET cashless gaming card it is easy to move from machine to machine and there is no hanging about. You have the credit safely in your account the moment you win.
    The ticket spitters have a terrible time and still need ushers, cashiers, payout windows, queues, etc and most venues in NSW just won't go near them.
    Lucky patrons at venues like Wentworthville, Alexandria, the Phillipines, New Zealand etc already have a card they insert in their gaming machine to win their loyalty and bonus points. Cashless runs off this card they already have and is easy as pie. Clubs save up to 10% of peak machine time when machines are not closed down waiting for attendants.
    It is complete nonsense and typical amateur home computer analysis to say that machines are better off with smart cards etc.
    It does not happen.
    The great lie being told is that a manufacturer can instal a facility in a machine to provide cashless.
    Of course that is drivel. No one will give a smartcard to accumulate on it bonus points and loyalty. The venues need their back office analysis which comes through the issue of computer reader cards by EBET.
    The good old magnetic strip is the preferred and simpler and more inexpensive product. If smartcards were an improvement don't worry EBET would be first.
    Of course it is nonsense to say that EBET has lost its first mover advantage. There are no competitors who have undergone LAB registration since EBET passed the hundreds of requirements to get a licence (Turbo has a restricted licence).
    There are a million geniuses out there. One loser even boasted he could build a better product. I suppose anyone with paint can paint a better Van Gogh but you don't see it happen. Build a better Woolies? Well you can but no one does.
    The paper spitters are just a matter of giving people a card instead of cash. A card to be cashed in and carted around. EBET is light years beyond this rubbish!
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