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eBet & eGlobal show strength, despite external mar

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    Will the imprisoned market bull ever again roam free?

    "....There are clearly some very disturbing dynamics unhappily pervading the markets at the moment. These include the continued painful evaporation of the technology bubble; the inherent distrust in reported corporate earnings; dissatisfaction at many board managements & CEOs; and scepticism regarding the durability of the underlying economic recovery. Overlay this with the fear of further terrorist attacks; a looming, seemingly inevitable war with Iraq; unremitting tension in the festering sore that's Israel and Palestine and in one way, we're lucky the DOW isn't down around 7500 & the NASDAQ around 1100. Hmm, on second thoughts maybe I shouldn't speak too soon...."

    On the plus side, of course - both eGlobal & eBet are remaining relatively stable in this unsettling sea of market disenchantment; a testament to the integrity of not just their company managements but also a salute by the business community to the self evident soundness of the business models they represent.

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