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eBet & eGlobal now at same shareprice

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    As a long time shareholder in both eBet as well as eGlobal, it's interesting to see that the last sale prices of shares in both companies are (at the time of writing) identical at 16.0c.

    This is a great performance from EGI which has risen over 10 per cent today, a green frog surrounded by a sea of red ink. Particularly as it's long been disdainfully viewed as some sort of "ugly duckling" by many in the sharemarket fraternity, who now may have to eat some crow.

    The moral? I guess it illustrates the importance of personal research & sticking to one's beliefs. Cause as we all know, the cream always rises to the top sooner or later, doesn't it?

    The goal now is to see both companies at double their current prices. And then some.

    Impossible, you say? No way - just you wait - it'll happen.....

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