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ebet - cashflow positive - encouraging outlook ahe

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    Whilst the numbers aren't huge in this report, the significant point is that eBet's finally & unequivocably CASHFLOW POSITIVE. Hallelujah for that.

    Note the global economic environment is still extremely depressed - any tech company able to be in the black in tough times such as these should be commended. Remember how many techos have fallen by the wayside over the past coupla years, costing hapless shareholders many millions of dollars. Ebet's certainly not in this invidious position.

    The bottom line however is that these are early days yet & things will only improve from here. Especially once eBet's U.S. operations start firing on all cylinders. I believe there's enormous potential yet to be tapped in this area. In fact, there's plenty of potential for eBet domestically as well. Earnings per share are certainly geared to increase substantially over time.

    My belief thus is that 2004 onwards will really demonstrate the company's accelerating viability. This year will be spent consolidating & bedding down its Turbo acquisition, extracting every possible synergy from the merger. Shareholders need to be patient. Expect eBet's shareprice to remain relatively subdued for some time yet, weighed down as it unfortunately is by arguably the worst global economic environment since the Great Depression.

    In any case, this is certainly an encouraging start to the year. Well done, eBet.

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