Easy Moderation and metter member choices.

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    The basic aim of several of my latest posts and replys to post on moderation is that we want as little moderation as possible and to make the job of moderation as easy as possible for those doing it.

    If set up correctly under my proposals, all the moderators should really have to do is ensure that posts are published in the correct "forums" or "categories". Once this is achieved, assuming that members can select which forums they wish to view, then we should have a site where we only see what we want to.

    Now I am pretty sure that most of this is in progress by the HC team anyway but thought it woth clarifying. Comments welcome :)

    You can then safely only select ASX - by stock & ASX - General (for example) and KNOW that there will not be any erroneous threads in these categories when they should not be (because the mods will have picked up and corrected this) and can focus on trading for the day. Members may also have IGNORED certain posters as well as they see fit. At the end of trading or at any time, a member can click to "General" and see what is happenning there.

    Total flexibility, empowering the members and NOT having to have a cazzillion moderators trying to be politiacal and religious police. YOU the member will have all the tools you need to ensure you get and see what you want and without placing undue workload on the HC TEAM and moderators. This flexiblily will by it's nature encourage the growth of a great forum free of what you don't want and without having moderators dictate what you should or should not see.
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