Bill Shorten has promised he will give a 4% payrise … Well I...

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    Bill Shorten has promised he will give a 4% payrise … Well I should say he and the Unions will order businesses to pay for the rise.
    But just on rough calculations. At present average salary is around $82,000. 4% of that is roughly $3280. Of that 2.5% will go to Bill Shorten courtesy of the medicare levy. 32.5% will go to Bill Shorten via personal tax. Some business will need to pay extra payroll tax.
    And of course the extra businesses will need to pay for the super guarantee
    My rough calculation is that of the $3280 he has promised, $1148 will go back to Bill Shorten. what an easy way to increase taxation receipts courtesy of businesses.
    And the weird thing in my mind, but then..... Bill Shorten complains about tax cuts to the wealthy, because the more tax you pay the more you will get back under the LNP, yet he is prepared to pay 4% (sorry businesses ) to the wealthy which means they will get more … because they earn more.
    And yet businesses will be ordered by Bill Shorten, and don't forget the Unions, to pay the full $3280, plus the 9% super levy yet, the worker will only receive 65% of that. Bill Shorten will pocket the rest.
    Ok anything is better than nothing, but some smaller businesses just wont be able to survive, job losses, less employment, less tax revenue, more welfare., less super, less medicare income...
    imo for what it's worth, Bill Shorten, if elected will destroy this economy which the LNP has resurrected over the past 6 years
    Hang on I have an idea, because tax is getting complicated, i might get an accountant to do my tax and claim the fees to reduce my taxable income.... Seems fair because Union fees are deductable….. well i think it is fair....

    But I'm sure my argument will ne flawed. I can already sense keyboard activity
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