WTE wedgetail mining limited

east pilbara gold province

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    Anyone out there got ideas on this area for the future? Personally had some experience with my father going up there originally as a prospector in the 30's and later working on Warragine Station , they , with the native population used to "Spec " for substantial quantities of alluvial gold and the blokes even now working on the roads more than supplement their income with consistant finds. Nullagine was the site of the largest nugget find for many years several years ago and the results of DEG speak for themselves.
    Apart from Telfer which is further out but still in the region , to my knowledge there are no large scale operations but plenty of small but rich private shows operating.
    With an all weather road now to Marble Bar and the gas line going to Telfer it may be we are witnessing the start of something big!
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