easiest market i have ever traded

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    I have got to say that in 11 years of trading, this one is the easiest, shooting fish in a barrel. I am getting 9 trades out of 10 right and I assure you it doesnt usually work like that.

    This supports a long held theory of mine that the ONLY time you can predict the market is when it is moving fast with extreme volatility. It starts to hit all its ratios with great accuracy.

    Whats more - it doesnt even matter if you make a mistake. A couple of times I have bought the wrong thing by accident due to my unfamiliarity with the new Commsec platform. Because the market moves around so much I have soon unloaded at a profit.

    For example - I have been able to sell *both sides* of a straddle at a profit, which is almost unheard of.

    Most fun I have had vertical.
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