Early 2015 NRL predictions?

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    Cowboys will be in the grand final.
    They just need to replace Tareq Simms because they will miss him IMO. The addition of Granville will help them roll forward and the combo of Granville and Thurston will be killer. The return of Lachlan Coote will also really give the Cowboys a boost.


    The Broncos will make the top 4.
    Bennet has made some tough decisions already and got rid of Kennedy and Hannant which was needed IMO. The additon of Milford at five eighth and Hunt coming off the back of a brilliant last year SHOULD see the Broncos really fire this year with play making. The additon of Greg Eden should provide some firepower from fullback - if they choose him over Kahu. The depth of the outside backs in the Broncos is still huge which will really benefit them this year as well.

    Copely was top try scorer last year and should be playing in the centres this year over Hodges but that's my opinion. The biggest challenge the Broncos have is proving their forwards are going to be good enough. But Bennet seems to have a few options up his sleeve with guys like Joe Ofahengaue an option - but Bennet needs to select him in order for him to have an impact! At this point I don't think he will be in the side. The Broncos biggest flaw at the moment is not utilising their younger players! They don't realize the talent they've got.
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