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Eagle Downs

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    what bugs me is these contacts, with reliable information to those in the know have the true accounts of what's going on inside these contracts. Yet the management, on salaries over 500K PA provide spin and jostle finances around to manipulate their position and ASX Market.

    Flip side is some penny dreadful get dragged over the coals for a speedy ticket when these hoagies wont be around in 12mths.

    It's time for the CEO to come out and explain, what the current position is with APLNG / ED / Santos and future works. I could tell monkeys the tender pipeline is full and the downturn is having a negative impact on mining income..... but whats the real story.....!!! I doubt that would come out.

    Probably time for me to reconcile and see what my final position is.... it might be okay.
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    your contacts are pretty good.....

    have we met?
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