e*trade introduces conditional orders

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    E*Trade are now accepting conditional orders:



    Price and Volume. You simply select what trigger price you want the stock to reach for us to send you order to the market. You can also ask us to ensure there is a certain volume of the stock is traded at your trigger price to ensure that your order is not triggered without sufficient momentum in the price change.


    Price and Volume with Delay. Similar to the Price and Volume Order but also includes the additional options of setting a delay after market open or before market close. If your conditions are met in the delay periods your Conditional will be held and not activated. See Example

    Trailing Sell. Features a trigger price that recalculates at the end of each day and is designed to follow the share price as it moves in an upward direction. By only moving your trigger price upward, if the stock price rises, this conditional order gives you greater control than the basic order and means you do not have to constantly adjust your trigger price as the market conditions change. The Trailing Stop version helps you lock in profits automatically and is far more powerful than the basic, static trigger price. See Example.

    Trailing Buy. Also features a trigger price that recalculates at the end of each day and allows you to select when to buy shares based on when the stock price is moving in a downward direction or rising upward.


    Straddle Sell. Combines two conditional sell orders so you can set both a Profit Target and a Trailing Stop to sell your existing stock holdings. It is used to help protect your capital and potentially enables you to lock in profits. We monitor the market for you and place your sell order to the market if the stock price falls or rises to your target levels. Only one of these orders will ever trigger. See Example.

    Buy then Sell. The complete Conditional order tool – featuring a combination of a Buy and two Sell Conditional Orders. You set the criteria of when you would like to Buy the stock, then set two Sell orders including both a Profit Target and Trailing Stop for your holdings. This order includes price/trailing price, volume and delay after market open options. If the Buy order has executed only one Sell Conditional Order may trigger and be placed to market, depending upon which direction the stock subsequently heads.


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