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    Thanks for the comparative size information for Triton/HDR. It certainly would be interesting to be able to compare the number of leads defined by Triton before the takeover. As you say HDR's territory is very large by comparison, with some good sized leads defined (such as Banda).

    What has always impressed me is that WPL has been so enthusiastically involved in the exploration of this frontier territory along with HDR. WPL would not be there IMHO if they were not convinced of the quality of the seismic and defined leads and the viability of development. They need this oil to replace Laminaria in coming years. Sounds like Triton was a smallish company perhaps a bit bigger and more mature than HDR when it got lucky in West Africa. WPL's involvement is the clincher for me - they have an excellent track record and they are motivated. So the whole scenario looks even better than Triton when it was taken over.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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