Dysfunctional politics

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    The past 7 yrs have been a shambles.

    I was radio channel flipping during a 3 hr drive today and ended up listening to the federal parliament in the early afternoon.

    I'll give you the rub, running the country was the last thing from their minds.

    Bill Shorten couldn't throw a grappling hook onto a chain wire tennis fence, nothing would stick but he was intent on juvenile point scoring and had nothing to constructive to contribute ... Senior Libs were not much better, ignoring pointless questions and barbs from Labor and prattling on about their own pet topics.

    There was a visiting delegation of politicians from Canada in the galleries above and gawd knows what they thought of proceedings.

    Political press are rabid dogs and hunt in packs ... TV current affairs anchors have fixed views, closed minds and no manners. Google has made everyone an expert and social media is crippling the workability of democracy by facilitating undisciplined lynch mob behaviours

    The Aussie public have been thoroughly outflanked by beguiling preference whisperers. The country has been crippled by successive federal governments with balance of power minority and micro parties ... policy compromise and mediocrity is our immediate future ... absolutely nothing constructive, innovative or of national significance will come from minorities.

    Politics in Australia is impotent ... true democratic democracy has been subverted ... the country is fibrillating and under the grip of anarchical minorities like the Greens, billionaires on vendettas, senators enthusiastic about motor vehicles and independents not at all interested in representing Australia.

    We're a sick nation.

    Is it terminal?

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