Dysfunction and instability in the Liberal Party and Coalition and the future.

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    Over the past six years, Australia has experienced three Liberal Party Leaders and by default, three Prime Ministers. Australia has also had three treasurers and a merry go round of ministerial deck chair shuffling with each leadership change. Two National Party Leaders and again by default, two Deputy Prime Ministers. In addition to a tsunami of "retirements" of senior ministers including the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party after the last leadership challenge, the party was subjected to scathing criticism from within including accusations of bullying and intimidation. Some Ministers citing them as reasons for leaving the party.

    The fallout. Australia's potential was severely impeded by the factional infighting and leadership aspirations within the Liberal Party during this prolonged six year arm wrestle. An element, if not the underlying cause, with due consideration to the polls, of these leadership changes and party instability remain squarely in the foreground. They have just gone to ground. The ultra conservatives,

    All is quiet in the lead up to the election. Unity has been engineered in the pursuit of self preservation. Just like the preference deals which adds another layer of instability. Liberal Ministers are noticeably absent from the campaign trail, in "witness protection" some claim. But post election, notwithstanding outcome, will the serenity prevail? Mr Abbott has already indicated his availability to resume party leadership. Mr Barnaby Joyce's mutterings suggest a challenge for the National's leadership is a possibility if not an inevitability. Will the competing factions within the Liberal party reconcile their ideological differences and put the interests of Australia foremost. Or, will it be a "rinse, repeat", a sequel even, "the rise of the factions" of the past period and Australia's welfare again becomes cannon fodder in the pursuit of factional nirvana?

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