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dyesol and corus advance to prototype.........

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    Feb 2008
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    Corus and Dyesol invest in ambitious Dye Solar Cell technology development for the built environment.

    Corus, Dyesol and the Welsh Assembly Government have agreed significant funding to further progress the development of dye solar cell technology on steel for building integrated photovoltaic applications. Corus and Dyesol have been working closely for the past two years, and in January 2008 successfully completed a detailed 12-month study, which confirmed the feasibility of this technology for large-scale manufacture on steel.

    When commercialised, dye solar cell technology on steel for building integrated photovoltaic applications has the opportunity to become significantly more cost effective than other competing photovoltaic technologies and achieve high market capture. Extended product lives, lower material costs and steadily increasing efficiency gains make this technology suitable for large surface area applications on a range of building types.

    Funding has been secured from the Welsh Assembly Government under the SMARTCymru mechanism, allowing the next stage of prototyping and development to be undertaken. A new facility, based in North Wales, will become the home of Corus and Dyesol scientists and engineers jointly engaged on the development. Corus and Dyesol will be expanding the scope of their development activities and accelerating progress towards large-scale manufacture.

    Corus is Europe's second largest steel producer with revenues of £9.7 billion and crude steel production of 18.2 million tonnes in 2006, primarily in the UK and the Netherlands. Combining international expertise with local customer service, the Corus brand represents quality and strength, providing innovative solutions to the construction, automotive, packaging, mechanical engineering and other markets worldwide. Corus is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, the world's sixth largest and second most global steel producer. With a combined presence in nearly 50 countries, Tata Steel including Corus has 84,000 employees across five continents and a pro forma crude steel production of 27 million tonnes in 2007.

    Corus Colors is a business unit of Corus. Through their Colorcoat® brand the company offers a range of pre-finished steel products and services including expert advice and guidance covering all aspects of metal envelope design, specification and construction.

    Dyesol Limited:
    Dyesol is located in Queanbeyan NSW (near Canberra ) and in August 2005 was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Code ‘DYE”). Dyesol manufactures and supplies a range of Dye Solar Cell products comprising equipment, chemicals, materials, components and related services to researchers and manufacturers of DSC. The Company is playing a key role in taking this third generation solar technology out of the laboratory and into the community.

    Dyesol UK Ltd is based in North Wales and operates out of facilities in St.Asaph and with Corus at Shotton. Dyesol UK Ltd concentrates on development of dye sensitised cells with collaborative partners and scale-up of materials manufacture.


    For further information, please call:

    Stephen Fisher, Media Relations Manager, Corus Colors Tel. +44 (0) 1244 892405

    Gavin Tulloch, International Director, Dyesol Tel. +61 (0) 41 6357540
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