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    after your post yesterday about mIM i spent a fair bit of time reseaching it last night, going over the charts any past annoncements and the outlook for copper prices.

    I do now change my view after this.
    Comsec in their research section have MIM with 8 mod buys and 3 strong buys from analysts they surveyed.

    I also found a story where copper is predicted to rise buy 26% in price over the next 12 months, equates to approximately just over 90 cents per pound.

    If this does indeed happen then it will increase mim earning substanstially as about every 1 cent rise is extra 10 million dollars to mim.

    A 16 cents rise speaks for itself also i see the contract for cokeing coal is expected to rise buy 12% and be announced within the next week.

    Mmmnnn very interesting
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