Dutton reaches a new low.

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    H is having a go at his rival in his electorate because she is an amputee and needs the space that her recently renovated house , 7 mins from the electorate , provides. He is using the old, Someone else thinks this, so I will repeat it .

    Peter Dutton doubles down on attack on rival as campaign gets nasty


    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has doubled down on comments suggesting his Labor opponent, who lost a leg in a car accident, was using her disability as an "excuse" not to move into the Brisbane electorate they are fighting to represent.

    In comments that Labor believes may backfire and suggest the 2019 campaign may be one of the nastiest on record, the minister on Friday stood by his claims against ALP candidate Ali France that there were complaints across the electorate about her failure to move into ultra-marginal Dickson.

    Ms France, a former journalist, was pushing a stroller containing her son through a car park in 2011 when an out-of-control car slammed into her, pinning her against another vehicle.A few days later she awoke in intensive care to be told that while her son Zac and survived, her left leg had been amputated from just above the knee.She was told she was unlikely to ever walk again.Two-and-a-half years later she managed to walk although at home she uses a wheelchair to get about.Mr Shorten said Ms France used $100,000 of her compensation money to renovate her house, which sits seven minutes from the Dickson electorate boundary, improving access to areas such as the kitchen and shower.Through a spokeswoman, Mr Dutton stood by his original claims about Ms France and her residence.

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