dutch revolting against muslim scourge

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    An Islamic school in the Dutch city of Eindhoven was hit by an explosion early on Monday but no one was injured, the ANP news agency has reported.

    Police said the explosion caused serious damage to the school entrance and could be linked to the brutal murder of a controversial film-maker by a suspected radical Islamist.

    Windows at nearby buildings were blown out.

    Eindhoven mayor Alexander Sakkers told Dutch public radio that no one was hurt in the explosion but that people in the neighbourhood were in shock.

    Muslim houses of worship and Islamic schools have been under surveillance since the murder on Tuesday of film-maker Theo van Gogh but police patrols would be stepped up, he added.

    ANP reported on Sunday that three Dutch mosques had been targeted in failed arson attempts at the weekend.

    Police arrested three suspects as they tried to set fire to the An-Nasr mosque in the western town of Huizen on Friday night.

    Unidentified suspects also attempted to set fire to a mosque in Breda in the south, although the fire had petered out by the time police reached the scene.

    In Rotterdam, a palette was set alight at the Mevlana mosque, but the fire did not spread.

    Pig heads and a placard with insulting slogans were nailed to the door of another mosque in the port city.

    Vandals also daubed red paint over a Moroccan associative building in Amsterdam at the weekend.

    Tensions are running high in the Netherlands in the wake of the brutal killing of film-maker and columnist Theo van Gogh.

    A suspected radical Muslim of Moroccan origin is being held over the killing.

    Theo Van Gogh was widely known for his criticism of Islam and recently caused an uproar with a short film linking domestic abuse with the perceived subservient position of women in the Islamic faith.

    Police did not specify whether the arson attempts were directly connected to his murder.


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