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    Hi siameseparrot,

    I agree but have a look at the average field size in Mauritania. Long term holders have their sights set on earnings in the latter half of the decade. HDR's share of Mauritanian reserves is in the order of 200MMBOE without including any upside whatsoever or Pelican success.
    Yes, we will have to be patient just as you were after valuing ARQ on your expectations. We've done exactly the same thing with HDR except on a larger, longer term scale. You just have to look at WPL's presentations to get a gist of how much is happening and planned in Mauritania alone over the next few years. WPL have a habit of more than delivering and I'm sure this will continue IMHO.

    Good Luck with ARQ and the rest your holdings!


    Good to see you about Scorpo !!! Regards to Mrs Scorpion!
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