dui and plush, you two make me cry!

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    It's your bovine sensitivity and your (always) partial reading of sensible posters which creates the monsters of which I'm talking about.

    I didn not say, "ALL BIG CORPORATIONS ARE RUN BY THIEVES" but, I'll say now, that the greater the power any one (person or corporation) has the greater the likelihood that it would be corrupt.
    However: there are not enough of the sort of bludgers you're talking about to rip the government off as much as the likes of Rivie, Bond, Skase, and a whole huge host of others. Sure, the good big companies (mention one, please) might employ many people but they also sack a great many also, and often leave them without paying them their rightful severence, often having stolen their super, holiday pay, etc, etc.
    You will not get figures which show you the disparity between the subsiding of one type of a bludger and the other because it is not a very pretty picture for the corporations.

    Employing people? You mean exploiting people. Corporations, more and more turn their employees into slaves. The cows and sheep amongst those employees, think it's great cause they can get their 4 stubbies in the pub every night and drive the old bomb back home. Miserable life but they're happy until they're out in the street and on their bum. They then whine; some whine because they think that the young bludgers are taking their job others because they know their boss was a bastard. But they're out on their bum and a drain on you, the poor, poor, unfortunate shareholding taxpayer!

    So far as governments abrogating their responsibilities, of course they have. How can they have any more than a token say on services which have been totally sold to the private corps? No say in anything at all! Wait until the electricy will hit the sort of prices the yanks are paying at the moment, the disaster the hospitals become, public transport etc. Who will try and fix them up? You guessed it, the taxpayer! Huge subsidies. You're going to tell me that the government will impose fines to the businesses which do not deliver? BS! Look at the difficulties they're having with all the asbestos companies around the world! Drug companies, false tit companies! They pay nothing because they cry "bankrupsy!"

    The sickening thing is that you blame the unemployed who must find a job when there are no friggin jobs anywhere to be found; they must travel from one end of the city to the other, either by car or public transport both of which have become money spinners for the... yep, huge corporations, who employ two people and sack three!

    You don't like listening to any of this and so you just call it what every other thug calls it, whining! I don't like listening to BS, particularly when it's louder whining about shares gone down!!!!
    Boy does one hear some whining then!

    But, like I said, you're quite welcome to your heroes! Enjoy them because pretty soon you won't be able to enjoy a fuking thing!
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