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Duck owning Dog

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    Hi All,
    Not new to Par, invested since 18/12/18 (fairly large accumulation) but first post on HC. For those with FDA fever I would like to help in the following way, follow my finger, now relax relax relax you are now getting sleepy, on the count of five you will fall asleep on awakening you will think you are a duck. Lets see how that goes?

    I will give a real life experience, not anecdotal, not a bloke down the pub, but my 13 year old dalmatian who has arthritis in both hips. Local vet on my suggestion prescribed synovan injections (PPS with glucosamine) which she has been on for 6 months (initial course and now on quarterly injections). Although she is slowing down in view of her age it is absolutely remarkable how this PPS brew has resolved her symptoms which included crying out in pain when rising from lying down. This augers well regarding the possibilities for the company you have invested in and hopefully understand.

    Now in two months if you are sick of filter feeding for your food, request a post from whoda and I will transition you back........... hopefully.......but like investing in the ASX there are no guarantees. Must fly, daisy just spotted some bread on the ground.

    As they say in the good book DYOR.
    PS If there are any spelling mistakes, blame Daisy, I can't type.......DUH!
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