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oldtimer46..Yes I have been in this business for over 50 years...

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    oldtimer46..Yes I have been in this business for over 50 years as Fund Manager and Stock Broker and it continues to baffle me...why is the crowd not here a lot sooner ?
    But the truth will always come out...sometimes it is slow sometimes it's rapid ..but I have found :-
    Any company that has Strong Revenue Growth ie Value Accruing.
    Any company that has Share Liquidity...Ability to buy and sell shares.
    Any company that has an upward Trajectory in Governance ....Cisco has very high levels
    of Governance under US standards...and Dubber must meet those standards.
    Any company with Price Action that indicates strong accumulation is underway.
    Any company that can manage its own money well..and raise money to meet growth,
    and shows continuing financial discipline.
    Any Company must have management with a lot of skin on the table..Management must
    have a heavy financial commitment ..if not why not...if they don't have belief and
    commitment ...they are not leading from the front.
    I believe that any company that displays all these characteristics ...when it enters a Positive Trend ,ie the Investment Crowd can see an amazing growth story and buy......that these shares will continue within that upward Trend for years and years...many many have done it on this blueprint ..ie apart from natural vibrational adjustments ...and yes some people get shaken off by Fear or the lure of faster growth elsewhere but hey they provide others with opportunity and provide that essential continuing liquidity.
    I believe so far,so good with Dubber....we are in the early stages in the "conformation" of all these criteria....and no I'm not sleeping!!!!
    All the best to All.
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