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chris1983...True price may well race ahead of analysts...

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    chris1983...True price may well race ahead of analysts evaluations .. but analysts can not evaluate expected growth in anything but a conservative manner..they must have actual numbers..only after management state those numbers and any projections they make must be highly credible and well within the bounds of reality ....management cannot extrapolate Revenue or Profit based on emotional judgement or Crystal Balls ...it must be on undeniable and credible facts...no excessive guess work...all must be based on the balance of probability.

    We can guess ..we can project ..but analysts producing research for broad client consumption have an enormous "duty of care"...management can only state numbers that are consistent and proven ..they are also audited and heavy penalties are imposed for wilful misdirection...a very difficult legal area ...especially if management are major shareholders and a misdirection could substantially increase the share price to their benefit.

    It's to easy to condemn the factual plane of research and management releases..but valid facts on growth and profit are ultimately what continues price progression..fiction causes emotional highs but ultimately heartache as it destroys credibility and share price...

    I believe it is better that analysts and management err on the side of caution ..investors may dream,search for earth shattering possible developments ...believe in a story which becomes "perhaps an ultimate reality"...but we have to realise there is Real Time and Dream Time and we must decide independently when everything gets stretched out of proportion ...and price may be moving well beyond belief...and that judgement will vary from investor to investor based on his or her capacity for risk...and their ability to handle high volatility perhaps caused by rapid price adjustments back in line with credible and sustainable growth in revenue and profits.
    Indeed you pay your money and you make your choice.
    all the best to all.
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