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bastjose ....I have found in life that repeatedly investments...

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    bastjose ....I have found in life that repeatedly investments can be a very difficult process.
    Losses will occur..we don't always do the right thing in life...however we must set ourselves parameters ..disciplined parameters.Its not wrong to be wrong..it's wrong to be wrong and stay long. This is why Trend trading is successful ...it imposes discipline, we follow a trend but give our selves "disciplined wobble room." If the wobble gets beyond our defined limits we sell.My advice on New Starts.... is don't let the story rule the roost..after all its what "people do that makes the money or looses money" and a good story to you is not always a story that embraces the crowd.By using trend trading you are disciplining yourself within the crowd.
    You join the trend and exit at a clear change in trend that breaks your defined parameters.
    Equally we do not exit a positive trend when the trend is still in force but only when your defined stop loss is activated indicating the original trend has been violated.
    bastjose..discipline is essential in every area of life...and small excesses are allowed but undisciplined behaviour bringing on major excesses in any areas of our behaviour can be severely punished by our laws or break downs in our health.
    ..Stock Markets are no different..discipline must be a way of life.We must follow rules that have proved to have been consistently beneficial to our health ,our wealth and our moral and ethical standards.At the end of the day we must be able to look at ourselves in a mirror.
    All the very best to all
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