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bastjose ..Don't kid yourself you may to see others weaken...

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    bastjose ..Don't kid yourself you may to see others weaken and sell...and perhaps even yourself may go through many a wakey ..Shakey day...it's dealing with volatility ..the road ahead may go to Rome but there will be many many curves and twists on the way..It will not be easy..dealing with moments of fear where you may be sorely tempted to loose you're nerve..or just say to yourself it's not worth it... I have made enough ...Now any reason not to travel to Rome..to walk away ... why am I worrying myself sick over this!!! .. ..Dealing with success is not easy..believe me...there is Never an easy road ahead..Success Brings Its Own Demons...You will face that old advice ..if you can't sleep just sell down to the sleeping level...but believe me you will NEVER make really big money unless you have a position big enough to be Wakey ..Shakey about.

    "Consistently to be successful you will have to put your courage to the sticking place."

    All the best to All.
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