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FrankLucas...dare I guess ...assuming each stock has its own...

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    FrankLucas...dare I guess ...assuming each stock has its own vibration in the universe but follows predictable rules..as summer /winter...and full moons and no moon..
    My figures over the next six months for Dubber predict the highs...96 passed then ..139 hit 135...190...and then...249...and then 316, 391 ,474....eventually $10.09

    I do not look at lows as this stock is in a strong uptrend.It would seem that a major institution or institutions will enter the stock after July/ August and this I believe will start a major up move after the $1.90 level.

    I expect some strong cynical views ..But I did sell billions of dollars of shares one week ie 7 trading days before the 1987 collapse...and was equally correct 7 trading days before 2000 and 2006.
    I see no problem with Dubber but expect a major correction in the US Stockmarket that has started ...looking now and over the next two months at least a 4000 point drop testing the previous lows ..to about 21000...yes our market will see drops in resources which are over stretched...and banks ..as a US correction will effect a drop in interest rates and a reduction in Margins for banks..and this Australian property correction may have a small rebound until the end of August/ September ... Then we will have a property double top ..expect a big drop...we are now in a credit contraction with a world slowing velocity of money....slow world growth is on the cards...and Lower Stock Markets...buy your Turkey for Christmas in December they'll be real cheap.
    I WOULD'NT suggest you run out and buy property..China is facing an ESSENTIAL credit contraction..and boy will it hit Australia...no Chinese money even to pay mortgages..lots of forced sellers.
    Pumping up the Chinese economy will not generate US dollars ..their ammunition is running out and the Chinese people's world wide buying power ..the Chinese property market is collapsing with a massive natural credit contraction and their stock market is down 25% and will contract at least 50%...Chinese leadership is in a very large Hole...and the LAW OF HOLES..WHEN YOUR IN A HOLE STOP DIGGING..THEY WILL LEARN ..LET THE RECESSION COME AND GO ...IRON OUT EXCESSES.
    This is why their will be a massive contraction in property prices in Australia..the Chinese were the marginal buyers they made the last 5 years property boom in Australia go stupid ....they are no longer Here ..prices will adjust..most bank property loans in the last 5 years will be in Negative equity.
    Look at the car sales in top priced cars drop...already Porsche sales are dropping.
    Look at diesel sales in China ...now down 18% and dropping..big slow down.
    Sorry off to bed ..had my double Scotch...a splendid malt...old habits die hard!!!
    all the best to all.
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