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Twibell...May I suggest you look at Trend Trading...about 5...

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    Twibell...May I suggest you look at Trend Trading...about 5 years ago I read an incredible review of a Trend Trading experience well actually it was an experiment..can you train people to trade/ invest or is it genetic...a book was written by one of the many successful young men and women who took part in the experience ..."The Turtle Traders." Billions of dollars have been made by some of these then young people and now the people who follow this winning methodology.
    Yes the methodology was structured around Trend..looking at moving averages ..MACD and a range of methodologies ...the key is it's not wrong to sell as you did..what was wrong was that you did not have a methodology to follow and analyse a CHANGE IN TREND..from loosing to winning and re-entering as early as sense was prevailing.
    The major key is that when a trend becomes apparent ..positive or negative it can AND OFTEN REMAINS IN MOTION IN THAT TREND FOR YEARS...essentially..the Trend Is Your Friend..but if you decide the Horse is moving in the wrong direction and a new Trend is in place ..a sustained movement you must get off that horse....and do not get back on the horse until a clear trend has been set in the correct direction...It might be years before a New Trend begins.
    Now one must not be confused with the spinning movement or the up and down movement of the horse ..this is just typical Positive / Negative short term behaviour ..
    Like a student who disagrees with his teacher..but when the student decides to beat up the teacher and throw him out the widow then this is not short term bad behaviour this is clearly a shift to EXCEPTIONALLY bad behaviour..a clear change in trend..The Guppy Multiple Moving Average ...helps to seperate difficult behaviour from a change in Trend..Guppy also produced an excellent book on Trend trading...called Trend Trading a Brilliant book by a Brilliant Australian.
    Again you were not wrong in your action..you were wrong in not following the behaviour and moving BACK INTO THE SHARES AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE into a positive trend.
    Congratulations on your entry..better later than never.
    All the best to All.
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