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I agree ..but it's not an invalid gush my man...we are...

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    I agree ..but it's not an invalid gush my man...we are forging ahead on strong developments every day, it is a realisation of a great opportunity ..."there are non so blind as those who will not see" We must get excited by potential and solid developments ..it's my belief that after 50 very successful years in investment "that this share has already established itself in any experienced investors eyes as showing enormous potential."If this cannot be seen study some more"...already the rocket has left the launching pad.

    Anybody who has studied international markets realises the huge importance of a technology studied by AT&T for 18 months through Bell Labs and passed with such credibility that AT&T have adopted it .Arguably AT&T the largest Telco in the USA has the most advanced research labs in the world this is a huge mark of credibility and IBM integrating their AI through their advanced AI structure, IBM Watson ,into Dubber, is a high mark of technological distinction.. not to mention a Cisco systems subsidiary with 50 million clients .We are involved in a company that has Dubber embedded into Cisco's every account...as part of a package people get with other applications as part of their package.

    We now have over new 100 Telcos on board potentially packaging this technology the same way and hundreds more Telcos not so far away ..not to mention the enormous value of all these information flows for the evolution of Artificial intelligence with the learning algorithms...the information flows are a fortune in itself.

    Now if we cannot gush with excitement at this potential for enormous Revenue and Profit growth..thats there ..that's happening ..obviously some people cannot see this...Perhaps we have to hand them Gold bars to prove its Gold..but even then ..so many losers would say its only Painted...and when Fortunes are continually being made the same losers will say its Luck..and when the company is bought out at a very high price ..again the losers will say Nobody could have seen it coming!!!!!!

    I say vibrate with enthusiasm ..you have everything to be excited about...be happy with finding this great opportunity....ride past the negative drivers ..look at the power of the positive drivers...Be happy to have a share in today's success and in tomorrow's continuing success.
    Yes we should all gush and gush some more so that people will think about it ,they will study it that they may better themselves and their families with the opportunities presented by the world stock markets .

    If I have been instrumental in people thinking about investment in Dubber ...and making a thinking decision... one way or the other ...then my gushing will have all been well worth while.
    All the best to All.
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