DTers After Market Lounge 3rd May

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    Good Afternoon

    Thanks threadies and our (oops meant HC the ASX listed company's) new thread opener     was that a cheeky big grinning

    Howdy @Libart    sneaky hello

    What B1 posted more than once in a thread, what is happening, foil hats all  

    Me is running around with foil umbrella  the world is getting a kicking.

    another cost day, one ST was hit pretty hard on a stoppie:
    Marine biologist thinks it may have been a rare species of short jelly fish

    Further 10+ point fall in auction
    Approx ending
    XAO: -  51.50
    XJO: -  58.10
    XEC: -  6.10  (will it hit 1050??)

    Entertainment: A welcome party for @taughtbuffet

    Bar is ready for a hump day
    Food not sure just ask the slave labour

    Peace and Money
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