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DST (Dynamic Stabilisation Technology) Game Changer or Not?

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    Lets talk about the elephant in the room which is the technology at the core of FBR.

    What we know about it so far:
    Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST™) reacts to wind, vibration and other environmental factors instantly, enabling precise positioning of objects over large distances outside.
    DST™ delivers accuracy previously only achievable with indoor robots, paving the way for robotic automation outdoors.

    Reason for invention:
    "I invented DST™ to solve the problem of stabilising a robot at the end of a long moving boom, originally for an application that didn't have enough demand to justify its development cost."

    Information I believe FBR board should have disclosed by now in relation to DST:

    (1) Firstly more information should be on their website in relation to DST as a couple of sentences doesn't cut it for me.
    (2) My understanding is that DST is challenging physics and so this leads me to wonder what is the level of accuracy they're achieving with the placement of the bricks?
    (3) Following on from (2) what are the limits it can sustain in relation to wind speeds etc..
    (4) Why are they testing in an indoor controlled environment initially? Are there underlying issues with DST we're not aware of?
    (5) Where is the research that DST is game changing technology? The message they're pushing is that they're the first to have overcome a very well known problem yet I can't find the research based information to suggest this.
    (6) Other applications of the technology keep coming up, yet not a single hint?
    (7) What is the engineering program they're running? Can anyone here tell me how many engineers are dedicated to DST and who are team managers are?

    My proposition:
    FBR need to cut their losses and get a third party to evaluate the whole business (I'm happy to do this for free). Personally from the publicly available information I would spin the business into the healthcare sector where DST would be used for surgical robots. The construction industry doesn't need the X as most markets in the world have a high level of efficiency and productivity and the complexities involved to make measly profit isn't worth the money they're going to burn of shareholders.

    Give me 12 months and I will turn FBR into a revenue generating monster that will be primed for acquisition and delivering maximum value to shareholders!!

    Welcome to hear peoples thoughts and perhaps we can all pull together information about DST so current and potential shareholders can understand it better.

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