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    Guys I have been a holder of this stock way back when Daws Co were running the ship. If you don't like the management team no one is holding a gun to your head you can choose to sell if you don't like how things are being run.

    Reading between the lines LJ is fast becoming the main focus here and looks like it has the most potential. LJ and W look like coming on line near the same time. If LJ is anything like Western Areas deposits like they seem to think by all the comparing in announcements then we will all be happy. Far out they have already found mistakes in the way the Ruskies were doing things.

    Big picture is we will have two maybe three mines running and producing this year. Nickel is not quite ready price wise anyway. Delays happen in any business which I am sure you would understand if any of you are in business. Working with the GOV is three times as bad.

    Look at the positives. Finally after many years we will finally be in production and making money. Then we will be able to see how many of the figures you bandy around on here will be accurate.

    My call for what its worth is they are all doing a good job. We are in a far better position than last year. DS may move on or he may stay. Who really cares as long as the company makes money and so do the share holders and this year it looks like we all will.
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